City of Shanghai

Shanghai is situated on the estuary of Yangtze River of China. As the economic and financial center of China, Shanghai, the international metropolis, is also famous for "pearl of the orient" and "Paris of the east". Rich in history and culture, Shanghai has its unique historical background and many historical sites. Cultural exhibitions and festivals are held every year, attracting visitors from the world. 
The pace of development of Shanghai is fast. On the comprehensive service functions, Shanghai has been one of the most complete cities in global financial markets so far. Functional network of urban infrastructure system in Shanghai has been basically completed. The number of air passengers exceeds 100 million per year, making it China's first and the world's fifth aviation city. The urban railway system is 617 kilometers long, ranking first among all cities in the world. Based on the development status, civil engineering in Shanghai is now adapting to new situations with life-cycle thinking, striving to establish circular economy and creating a sustainable society.

Conference Secretariat IALCCE 2020

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